It’s time to put Christ’s love back into “Christian”.

Are you game?


If you’re fed up of trying to do ‘faith’ on other people’s terms and would love nothing more than to show up each day and just be you, you’re going to gobble up the 21 day, self-paced ” Should Shover” challenge.

Inspired by the realisation that how you show up in life is how you can show up with God, The Should Shover digs into who you are, why you being you is the most wonderful thing you can ever do to show God you love him and aims to dispel the myth that there is only one way that you and I can do Christian.

During this 21 day self-paced challenge we’ll explore:

  • Human needs psychology (spoiler alert: God has the capacity to meet all 6 of these needs.)
  • The love languages (and how understanding your primary language will help you really hear God’s love.)
  • What you being you really looks like (and how knowing yourself can help you have a fun and loving relationship with God.)
  • Why you being you is actually a massive compliment to God (no, you’re not self-centred and it is totally possible to be yourself & honour God at the same time.
  • Daily reminders of just how loved you are (because when you’re filled to the top with love, it’s easier to love the people around you.)

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