#25Gifts: Here’s what happens when you take a day off on a Wednesday …

You might sleep in until half past seven and take the children to school in your pyjamas.

You might feel so snuggly and warm in said PJs, you don’t get showered and dressed until noon.

You might answer a knock at the front door, expecting the postman, and find yourself face to face with a stranger and spend the next 5 or 6 minutes chatting with him about Jesus.

You might still be in your PJs with messy hair and no make up and get called out by said stranger as being in your 40s (cool if you’re actually 55. Not so cool if you’re 35!)

You might spend the afternoon (finally dressed!) snuggled up with coffee, chocolate and a Christmas film, while you wrap pressies and (finally!) write Christmas cards.

You might spend the evening sipping wine (back in your PJs of course!) with nothing for company except yourself, a pen and your favourite notebook. Scheming and dreaming of 2014.

You might not actually do any of those things but here’s the real magic of taking a day off on a Wednesday …

You are totally open to possibility. Creativity. Wonder. Delight.

When you step out from behind the norm, all manner of weird and wonderful things can happen. It’s really quite exciting!

Now do you see why I had you take the day off? 😉

And of course, if you skipped it, it’s never too late. Sure, next Wednesday we’ll all be off but there’s nothing to stop you taking a Thursday off instead. Or maybe a Tuesday?

Whatever day (OK, or half-day. I can be flexible. I understand you have a lot on right now and stepping back for a whole day might not actually be an option) you choose to do it, just be sure to tell the shoulds to take a hike.

Make no plans. Just be.

Did you do it already? Tell me about it (email me or drop me a note on Facebook.)

Skipped this one? Shame on you! 😉 Pick a day and schedule it in. You can thank me later.

Until tomorrow,
Keep smiling 🙂