#25Gifts: Is biblical asking a bit like making a list for Santa?

With three weeks to go before Christmas, my son finally got on board with the idea of making a list for Santa (or “Father Christmas” as we call him here.)

He wrote a list and much like Santa, checking it twice, he then re-wrote it in neater handwriting, just to be safe.

Little does he know that most of his presents were bought weeks ago. Many of them are already wrapped and safely stored at my parent’s house.

It was of course gratifying to see his list full of things we’d already got and we’ve been able to gently nudge him away from the overpriced items. (£40 for a game that will be reduced by at least half by the time his birthday rolls around? No way!) He’s also going to have some lovely surprises.

And then this rather random thought popped in my head.

You know how God calls us his children? And we’re also told that we can only begin to imagine all the cool stuff God has in store for us?

What if, when we’re talking to God, asking him for help or guidance or wisdom or just plain rattling off what we need right now, what if God already has it covered?

What if we’re only thinking of it now but in reality, God had it handled weeks or even months ago?

That doesn’t mean we should stop talking to him or stop asking. I’m sure it must make him smile to see our dreams and thoughts line up with the cool stuff he already has for us.

But what if we talked to him about things, confident in the knowledge of just how much he loves us and that it’s all in hand?

What might that look like? How might that change things?

Something to ponder on as we head into the weekend.

As ever, I’d love to hear what you think. Email me, el (at) heavenandel (dot) com and tell me where you’re at with your ponderments (if that’s even a word?!?)

Until Monday,
Here’s to a wonderful weekend,