#25Gifts: I’ve been totally guilty of this. Maybe it’s not just me?

If you’ve been following along, you’ll know that over the last two weeks my children have taken it in turns to be sick (yes, number 2 is still home poorly today) and getting anything done has been a challenge.

Yesterday though, I realised something …

I’ve been totally using them as an excuse for bunking off!

It doesn’t help that it’s cold and all I really want to do is cwtch under the covers watching Christmas films all day (My favourite is the Santa Clause trilogy. Fab!) and sure, I’m all for not setting stupidly high expectations.


When it takes two weeks to write a sales page for something you’re really excited about and then you don’t tell anyone about it (yes, that would be me and the new Itchy Soul “Best Year Ever” 2014 and yes, this is my quiet way of telling you about it because I should have mentioned it sooner but didn’t) it’s time to get honest with yourself.

Are you using the stuff that’s going on around you as an excuse?

Yes, this time of year is busy and yes, it’s super important to be kind to yourself and make time for smiles and space to just be.

But you also need to show up and do the work.

Unless of course, you’ve made the choice to shut down for Christmas already. That’s totally cool too.

But you’ve got to choose.

Drifting along and allowing the stuff going on around you to kind of choose for you is no choice at all.

Decide what’s important. Choose that. And then act accordingly.

So much more powerful than drifting and then feeling guilty because you didn’t do the stuff you were pretending you should do.


Until tomorrow,
Keep smiling 🙂