#25Gifts: Read this if you’re finding it all just a little bit bonkers.

When I wrote the introduction to these 25 gifts, way back in November, talking about how busy and stressful the lead up to Christmas can be, I wasn’t there yet.

I mean, I knew it in my head and sure, I’ve experienced the mad rush, but I wasn’t really feeling it.

And then last week happened.

On Monday my son was home from school with a poorly tummy.

Tuesday my husband had a day off work and we were meant to be doing fun Christmas stuff but the day unravelled into crazy madness. (I don’t remember the specifics. I’ve wiped them from my memory!)

Wednesday my daughter was home with a high temperature.

Thursday started out with plans for breakfast and a film before a phone call from school put a stop to that when aforementioned daughter was sent home. Within 10 minutes of getting back she was skipping about and playing dolls. We were not amused! 😉

Friday was spent playing delivery driver & taxi (long story) before collapsing into a heap with a glass of wine by 8.30pm.

And then it was the weekend. I’ve never been more glad for a weekend to arrive! Originally I’d planned to release these 25 gifts over the weekend too but I was empty. There was nothing left to give.

Every day I write stuff that pops in my head. Nudges from God. Ideas. Thoughts.

And in an ideal world they help you, the reader.

Last week they also helped me, the writer.

Literally every single thing I wrote about lowering expectations and finding the really small things to smile about when you’re having a terrible day, I needed that stuff. Choosing to do the most important thing first? It’s the only way these emails got out each day.

It was like living on a stage. Everything I wrote about played out in real life.


If that also describes a bit what your day all too often looks like, please know that you are not alone.

The world may like to show you a picture of the perfect Christmas time. It’s sparkly and warm, usually with a bow on top. And when that isn’t your reality, please know that it’s not just you.

The rest of us are making it up as we go along too!

And then Monday rolls around and we’re just thankful for a brand new week but would you believe it … today I have my other daughter home poorly!

See? I told you it wasn’t just you! 😉

The trick is to keep smiling, even through the madness. Ask God for the strength to love on each new day and the patience to handle the rest.

And then know that this too shall pass.

Until the next time 😉