#25Gifts: Read this if you’re having a terrible day

By 4pm yesterday, the only photo I had of something that had made me smile was a glass of fizzy wine! On a Monday. Surely not?!?

My son was off sick with the same poorly tummy that had struck my eldest down last week. He’s fine now but of course that totally put pay to my plans.

I gave in to the day and snuggled up and enjoyed Ironman 3 with him instead. Could be worse eh 😉

When we finally got his two big sisters home from school, they were in wind up mode. And when one stopped for a few moments, the other would start. It was not fun.

It was right after putting their tea onto cook that I opened the bottle of wine.

Desperate times called for desperate measures.

Fast forward an hour or so, and my eldest was feeding her guinea pigs. She decided to let them out for a little run around and brought the dog in with her. Our dog Molly is the softest, most gentle animal you will probably ever meet, and yesterday we found out just how much she adores the piggies. I’d never seen her tail wagging so much for so long.

She was fascinated by them and they her. Nose to nose. It was very cute.

And in that moment, the rest of the crap of the day didn’t matter any more.

The arguments and teasing and sibling squabbling was all forgotten. Smiles all round. It was fab!

It’s all too easy to look back on a day and only remember the rubbish bits.

Sitting with your significant other and telling him or her the highlights, how often do you get lost in the drama?

It seems to be human nature to tell those stories. They wouldn’t sell many newspapers if they only filled them with good news.

But what if it wasn’t like that?

What if you could get to the end of the day and find something to smile about?

You’ll hear people talk all the time about how, on the bad days, it’s really important to keep your eyes open for those little glimmers of light.

I’ve probably talked about it myself – more than once!

But yesterday was the first day ever where it was feeling genuinely rubbish and not fun, and then the day was turned around by a silly little something.

I mean, it’s probably not actually the first day ever, but it’s the first time ever where I’ve noticed it so dramatically.

And so today, I wanted to encourage you, from one person who had a terrible day, to another … there is something out there in your today, just waiting to make you smile.

It won’t stop the rubbish parts of your day from happening. You’ll still have to live those pieces. But there is something there, especially for you, that can turn the day around.

You just have to be willing to let it. Don’t be stubborn and refuse to smile. Don’t dig your heels in and cling to your rubbish day story.

Instead, it’s head up, eyes open time. Step forward, expecting, looking, ready, for the lovely part of your today.

And just in case you were brought up with the thinking that all this happiness stuff isn’t biblical, I give you Proverbs:

“A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.”

I used to think that that was just a metaphor but there’s enough science around the healing power of laughter to make me think otherwise.

Smiling is good for you and who would know that better than your creator?

So smile, even if it needs to be a fake one (those clever bad boys release the same chemicals in your brain as the real thing) and remember, the thing that will turn your day around is out there.

You just have to open your eyes 🙂

Until tomorrow,
Keep smiling (even a fake one!)