#25Gifts: Ready to put Parkinson’s Law to work for you this Christmas?

Parkinson’s Law states that “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion”.

It’s the reason why it can take me all day to tidy my office if I start first thing in the morning but if I don’t start until until 2pm, I’ll still be done by three.

It’s the reason why I can sleep through my alarm and still get the kids to school on time, but have been known to get up at 6.30am and find us running late.

It’s the reason why, no matter what time I get to my desk, all the regular daily tasks always get done, even if that means other things get pushed to another day.

And it’s that last one that I was thinking about when I wrote the title of this episode.

Because, how many times do you plan to do something but, despite being really keen to do it, you somehow end up procrastinating?

Sometimes that procrastination is fear or a subconscious doubt but other times we just don’t get to it because we allow other stuff to fill the time instead.

Have you ever wondered why God had the Israelites give him the first part of the harvest? They had whole festivals around it.

What if there’s something special around what we choose to do first?

What if the secret to doing the stuff that’s really important to us is not allowing other things to creep in the way?

It’s super easy to write of course but what if we always did the important stuff first?

Think about you and your family this Christmas time.

Whatever else happens and no matter how stressful or busy things get, there will be food on your table and gifts under the tree. That stuff is a given. It just happens.

So what about those things that you’d love to see happen this season but you suspect you might not actually ever get to?

What if you picked one day where you would do those things first?

It doesn’t seem to matter what else you have on. Do that one thing first and you’ll somehow magically fit in the other stuff too. It’s weird isn’t it?

And really, I don’t understand why life works like this.

But hey, let’s not knock it but instead choose, very consciously and actively, one day at a time … what is most important today?

Do that first.

Are you ready? Let’s go!