#25Gifts: This one’s from the girl with the teenage pregnancy

Imagine it … engaged to be married to an older man and then you find out that you’re pregnant. What’s your mum going to say?!?

But of course this was no ordinary teenage pregnancy. This was the son of God.

I’ve got to admit that there have been times over the last few weeks where I’ve felt pretty stressed out. There’s so much to do and only nine days left to do it. I’ve finally given in and written a list of everything on my white board and it is almost down to the floor!

But it’s almost down to the floor because I have three children and a large extended family to buy and wrap for, two businesses to juggle and a hubby who works shifts and loves us to do stuff together.

What if instead of making a list of all the stuff to-do, we made a list of all the ways in which we are blessed?

I’m blessed with three happy, healthy, wonderful children.

I’m blessed with a large family who make me laugh and whose company I can’t wait to enjoy next week.

I’m blessed to have two businesses that allow me to work from home, working with people who I adore and who think I’m brilliant.

I’m blessed to have a loving husband who enjoys my company.

Your turn …

No seriously, I’ll wait; go turn your list upside down and give me three reasons why you’re blessed. Yes, you can totally do this one in your head if you want to! 😉

Mary, our teenage mum-to-be, when given the news of her impending parenthood, had a choice:

She could make a list of all the things she hadn’t done yet, the places she’d not been and now wouldn’t be able to because she couldn’t bring the baby, the people she’d offend with her expanding waistline and the three hundred six ways in which she was scared.

Or she could embrace the gift of carrying a happy healthy (son of God!) baby boy, and go with it.

Can you guess which one she picked?

We don’t have to guess. She sang about it.

When the chips were down and she was faced with one of the most stressful situations of her young life, Mary chose to celebrate.

“My soul glorifies the Lord,
and my spirit rejoices in God my Saviour.” Luke 1:46

Neat eh?

I’m trying to remember that one for the next time I feel stressed out and a little bit grumpy and in the meantime, I’m totally starting a new list on my white board!

How about you?

Until tomorrow,
Keep smiling,