#25Gifts: ‘Twas the night before Christmas :D

You know how excited the kids get on Christmas Eve? OK, so not just the children … I always struggle to sleep on Christmas Eve too! 😉

But do you remember that excited little flurry you get in your tummy?

Thinking about that, an image just popped into my head …

It’s a picture of God, sat in heaven, way back when, around a table, chatting to Jesus and the Holy Spirit, about Christmas.

Excitement as they plan it all and then, as the day gets closer and closer, the giggly glee, because it’s almost time.

You remember that bit in ‘When a good man goes to war’ when the Doctor suddenly realises who River is? And that he’s kissed her?

Well yeah, I guess I imagine it a little bit like that.

Sheer childish delight and glee.

Think you’re the only one who gets excited about Christmas?

Think again. I believe God’s pretty keen on it too.

But what about if you’re not excited?

What if (as much as you won’t post about it on Facebook) you’re actually feeling pretty sad?

You don’t need me to dig into the six hundred and one things that might make Christmas a difficult time for you.

You know where you’re at, but you know what else? God does too.

We’re made in his image. We have a wide range of feelings and emotions because he does too.

And he knows sadness. And loneliness. And rejection. And despair.

It’s not seasonal or cheerful to talk about it, but where ever you’re at today, you are never alone. It’s never just you 🙂

So whether you’re feeling ridiculously excited and it’s a struggle to keep it in, or you just wish it was all over already, or somewhere in between, if you need a smile, drop me a note. I always have lots to spare 🙂