#25Gifts: What are you really expecting?

What are you really expecting?

Henry Ford is famously quoted as saying:

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.”

The message is about the importance of belief as the first step toward actually making stuff happen, but what if the same was true about what you expect?

My children expect all manner of weird and wonderful things and that doesn’t mean that they’re all actually going to happen, but there are certain core expectations that they totally take for granted.

They expect to wake up to a warm house, to eat breakfast and to be around parents who love them. Next Wednesday, they have no doubts or concerns that Father Christmas won’t have visited. They expect it. They totally take it for granted that he’ll come.

They expect a day full of fun and laughter and family.

As parents, we help guide and mould certain expectations.

My three seem to have this unwavering belief that when they make a mess, someone other than them will clean it up.

As an aside, my son had this belief flipped on its head on Wednesday when his teacher made him and his friends clear up their mess in the classroom. He seemed genuinely stunned that it had happened. Noted and stored for future learning opportunities. 😉

Negative or positive, beliefs and expectations are crafted based on past history.

What beliefs and expectations do you have?

And how is your relationship with God moulding and shaping those beliefs?

What if you stepped into today with an expectation based on a past history of unconditional love and acceptance?

How might those beliefs and expectations shape your day? Impact your new year?

Your challenge for today is to find five minutes where you can sit with this idea of expectations, just you and God. Ask him what he wants you to know or feel. And expect an answer.

Next Wednesday is about a gift. It’s God’s way of saying, “This is how much I love you.”

Just like children expecting love and kindness each day and totally taking it for granted, what if what God really wants for you this Christmas is for you to know and really feel that same love and kindness from him?

Something to get you started as you find your five minutes of quiet 🙂