#25Gifts: What if it’s really about lowering your expectations?

Do you think that sounds defeatist? Maybe a little like giving up before we’ve even gotten started?

What if it wasn’t?

What if lowering expectations was actually the secret to your best Christmas ever?

(Whatever “best” looks like for you and your family.)

It hit me as I was giggling with my youngest two in the car yesterday afternoon. It was something really silly. A rhyme I shared with them that they’d never heard before.

(I was stunned. Especially with my 8 year old. I was certain that it was a legal requirement that all junior school children can not move up to the next class without knowing this rhyme.)

They found my shock, coupled with the silly rhyme, to be highly amusing and much giggling proceeded.

And that’s when it hit me …

I hadn’t planned or anticipated or expected that the drive home from church would be so fun, or make us smile and laugh so much.

There was nothing I or they did, or didn’t do, that made that moment happen.

We just showed up, in the moment, totally without any expectation other than to get from A to B safely, warm and dry. The rest was just a bonus.

But what a bonus it was!

Today is a brand new day. You might be expecting and planning all manner of weird and wonderful things for today.

What if you didn’t?

What if I told you that, without even seeing it, I am ninety eight per cent certain that you have far too much on your to-do list for today?

What if, for one day only, you totally lowered your expectations and picked just one little thing to do?

And when you get that done, the day is a win.

What might that feel like? How might that change things?

Give it a try. The first step is to take five minutes, right now, to pick what that one thing will be.

And then give it, and the rest of your day, to God.

Thank him for the new day. Ask him to help you to be in every moment of it. Enjoying the little things. Breathing. Smiling.

Are you in?

And remember, if you’d like to play along on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram or even Facebook or Vine (yes, you have choices baby. They make the world go round and who am I to stifle yours?) the hashtag is #25gifts.

Take a photo of who or what is bringing the delight into your day. The silly little things. The daft stuff. All of it is special and wonderful and worth recording.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

Until tomorrow, here’s to a wonderful day 🙂