A vision of what might have been?

Out walking the dog this morning, I took a little wander around the lake, just round the corner from where I live. I usually skip the lake and go straight to the beach but you know what Mary Poppins said about change, so around the lake we went.

I kind of take it for granted too much of the time but it’s absolutely beautiful.


It was as I was enjoying the view that I remembered the story of how it came to be. You’d never guess from looking at it, but the whole area, once upon a time, was used for heavy industrial work. Steel mostly. I’m guessing it would have been a bit of a mess.

Now though, thanks to the imagination (and hard work and money!) of people 25 years ago, it’s a local treasure. My three have grown up feeding the birds there (not to mention feeding themselves ice cream from the ice cream van, winter and summer!)

It’s fab!


And this thought struck me … if us humans can take something that has become a bit of a mess and imagine a vision for something wonderful, how much more can God do?

Way back when, before you were even a twinkle in your father’s eye, God painted a picture, his work of art, and he named it you.

You might feel like the art could use a touch up or a bit of restoration. Maybe some days it may feel like someone’s painted over the top and totally started over!

But strip back the layers, the hurt and frustration and tears, and underneath, you’re still that wonderful creation, sung into existence by one who loves you more than you and I can possibly comprehend.

Priceless 🙂