A website two years in the making and you’ve never even heard of it?!?

el-mollyWelcome to Youier, my virtual home, twenty-seven months in the making.

No, no, it’s not that I was being really slow or procrastinating (although that would be really, kinda ironic given my quest!) It’s just that I didn’t own the URL until three and a half weeks ago.

If you stumbled across this place and you have no idea who I am or my journey over the last five years, you might prefer to read the about page to get yourself acquainted because this post is more about filling in the blanks for people are thinking, ‘why on earth are you starting another brand new website El?!?’

My dad is a pretty good thermostat for what lots of people who know me might be thinking right about now

When I showed him this new site a few days ago his biggest concern seemed to be how you, my lovely reader, would react to ‘yet another website’. I reassured him that you’d cope with it just fine because it’s not like this is the first time I’ve gone ‘tada!’

And when I told him it was Youier.com, he got it, because he knows how long I’ve been building this website in my head.

Because this place, although it looks brand new, is 27 months in the making.

For ages and ages I’ve been harping on about you being Youier.

I wrote about you being youier in the way you do faith over in Heaven And El. (More than once actually, but that was the post I found when I did a quick search for it!)

I played with #beyou quotes on Instagram and Twitter.

And I tried really, really hard to fit this Youier stuff into the faith work I was doing at Heaven And El.

Less than a month ago I released my latest iteration of community. Swinging between calling it The Faith Exploration Lab and The Itchy Soul, it was my attempt at doing faith work as my primary business.

And then I had a weekend of intense what ifs.

(As an aside, if you ever find yourself faced with a question from one of your favourite people and you really want to take massive action, be brave and ask said fabulous person a follow up question or three. You might be amazed at the results!)

What if Heaven And El isn’t meant to be a business at all?!? What if Heaven and El is my personal mission, my thing that I feel compelled to share with the world and maybe I write some books and stuff to help people with that eventually, I dunno, but what if I stopped trying to make it a business?

And then there is the “youier” stuff which is a whole other mission where I help people stop living life on auto-pilot and instead help them step up and bring their own personal mission/legacy/gift/awesome sauce/light to the world.

(That was me, writing to a friend, mid October.)

If you’ve ever experienced that thing where you stop twisting and shoving and contorting something to make it fit, where you suddenly just took a deep breath and let go, you’ll know how intensely freeing it can be.

You might say it’s a bit like the feeling you get when you decide to stop messing around and actually start sharing your brilliance with the world.

Just saying 😉

And on the very day that my head was all swirly whirly with Heaven and El and youier stuff, I got an email notification that Youier.com was available.

I’d been trying to get that URL for 27 months. I even went as far as emailing the previous owner to offer him $50 for it (waaay over the $10.12 he’d have paid for it!) because he wasn’t using it but no, he wanted big bucks for it, or a 50/50 split of any business profits I might make.

Chances of me agreeing to go into business with some nameless, faceless URL squatter? Nil.

And so I waited.

Twelve months past and he renewed it again. I emailed him again with the same offer. Nothing.

And then the day arrived and I got another email notification that changes had been made to the domain. Every other time I’d looked it had been nothing so I almost didn’t bother looking but I took a peek, just in case, and not only had the previous owner decided not to renew it, it was past the grace period and totally available for anyone (like me!) to buy.

It would be fair to say that I did a little happy dance. My heart was pounding. I couldn’t believe that it was finally available, and the timing of it? Mad!

And so Youier.com was finally born.

Well, I guess ‘in labour’ would be a better metaphor. I still hadn’t done any of the work of actually setting up the site. But three weeks later and here we finally are.

Welcome to Youier. I can’t wait to get to know you better and help you unleash your brilliance on the world.

Ready? Let’s go! 😀


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