ipad_696x1042I’m super excited that you’re here and can’t wait to party with you!

Your very first party goodie is my Jesus and Human Needs Psychology cheat sheet. (Keep you eye out for more from me as we get closer to party time though. June 2nd is my birthday and I’m delighted to be sharing the pressies with you!)

1. Right click here or on the image and choose “save file as … “ to save this first gift to your computer.

2. Click here to RSVP on Facebook. Click on the ‘join’ button in the upper right hand corner of this event page.

You’ll get an email from me when your very next gift is ready but, until then, would you do me a favour and hit reply to the email I sent you and tell me your biggest, burning question about personal development and your faith?

When we party on June 2nd I’d love to be sure I’m digging into everything you really want to know so hitting reply will help us both out.

Until then, here’s to a delightful day. Keep smiling. 🙂