Welcome to Day 2 of The Geek Joy Challenge! (Yes, in my head there is music. And pretty (biodegradable and safe for birds!) confetti!)

So yesterday I introduced you to the reticular activating system, also known as “Yellow Car Syndrome”. Ignore the funny sounding name, it’s actually really cool!

What I didn’t tell you in yesterday’s video though is that yellow car syndrome is the science behind the law of attraction. I don’t know if you’ve read or watchedThe Secret but when I read it I found myself wanting to shout at the book because they make it sound so woo woo and other worldly when, honestly? It’s simply brain science. Sure, really neat brain science, but brain science.

And, as such, no matter how much the author might like to leave God out of the equation, totally God-given. How cool is it that God created you with all this neat brain magic ready to help you smile more and have an abundant joy filled life? Yeah, very cool! I thought so too! 😀

We’ll be chatting about this again over the next few days. Did I warn you that yellow car syndrome is another of my personal geek joys? The good news for you though is that we’re taking that personal geek joy and using it to help make your day to day life more lovely. It’s like a double win! 🙂

Anyway, for today, your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to keep your eyes and ears open to your personal geek joy. Step into this brand new day expecting to experience it. Thanks to the wonders of RAS, your brain will be helping you, behind the scenes, the whole time.

And then, when you experience something wonderful, share it using our hashtag #geekjoy. We’re only just getting started so you might not see much activity on there yet but never fear, before you know it, that hashtag will be full of wonderful things! 🙂

Until tomorrow,