It’s time for day 5 of The Geek Joy Challenge. Are you ready? 😀

Have you come across the advice to write down the stuff that’s important to you? Or how about the time you read a book with lots of exercises and the author told you, in no uncertain terms, that you couldn’t just do them in your head? Yeah, me too 😉

And (maybe like you?) I rolled my eyes but after hearing it one too many times, I decided to find out if there was any actual scientific reason for this advice. Guess what? There is. And yes, we can totally hack this advice to help us see more things in our day to day to smile about.

It all comes down to what is known as the consistency principle.

Consistency principle: refers to a strong psychological need to be consistent with prior acts and statements

When you write down or record things in some way (take a photo, draw a picture) that’s a statement of how you see the world and guess what your brain does with that stuff? You’ve guessed it … it does everything it can to help prove your statements to be true.

The classic example is when someone picks numbers for the lottery. Before buying a ticket, while they’re choosing the numbers, they feel uncertain, but as soon as they make their selection by writing on the little slip of paper and paying to play, suddenly they’re certain that this could be their lucky chance.

So how does this play out with you and spotting your personal brand of #geekjoy in your day to day life?

Taking a photo and sharing it on social media is a public statement and so, in the same way that the person playing the lottery will feel more certain after picking his or her numbers, by sharing the things that make you smile, your brain will go out of its way to help you see more of the same. Clever eh? 🙂

And so, your challenge for today, if you choose to accept it, is to notice two or three things that make your day a little more delightful, and record those in some way.

(And don’t forget to share them using the hashtag #geekjoy. I’d love to see and it’ll help work the consistency principle to your advantage. Double win!)

Until then, keep smiling and have yourself a fabulous day,