Welcome to Day 6 of The Geek Joy Challenge!

And if you’ve stuck with us this far, consider yourself hugged. (Or even if you haven’t and you just need a hug! Incidentally, if you find yourself wanting to play catchup, there’s a handy archive of all the emails at the bottom of this page.)

Do you remember a few days ago I told you about the wonderful reticular activating system? AKA “Yellow Car Syndrome”? Well what I didn’t tell you yet is how this clever brain trick can be used for all sorts of things in your life.

Because here’s the thing … it will filter in ANYTHING that you deem important.

And yes “deem important” is open to interpretation. It’s probably the reason why mums with young children can be fast asleep but will find them instantly wide awake if their little one calls out. There’s just something in our brains that is tuned in to the sound of our kids crying.

It’s also the reason why you remember something really random that you forgot about at EXACTLY the moment when you can do nothing about it! 😉

But here’s where it gets really fun …

As a Jesus geek, you know God loves you, logically, in your head, but maybe sometimes you just don’t feel it? Let’s be real for a moment. When life gets busy it can be really easy to forget he’s there at all. And I know, I know, that’s not the kind of thing you’d want to admit to in church or anything, but it’s the reality.

But what if God, in his infinite wisdom, built in a way for him to easily reach out and remind you that you are loved?

Spoiler alert: He totally did! 😉

You guessed it – it’s the reticular activating system, again!

Long time readers will know that I have a bit of a thing for cloud porn. You know the way the light from the setting sun plays with the clouds and makes the sky go all manner of beautiful shades of orange and pink? I love it! I like to imagine God there with a great big paintbrush, sloshing the colours across the sky, to make me smile. To remind me that I am loved.

And guess what my brain does every time I pause and notice the cloud porn? It notes that that is important to me and starts drawing my attention to it, more and more.

Maybe cloud porn isn’t your thing. Maybe for you it’s the sky at night, or the way your dog likes to leap across the field in the long grass or the sound of children giggling?

Whatever makes your heart stir, what if that was a love note from God?

And what if, by pausing and noticing, maybe smiling and thanking him, your brain clocked that that was important to you and started to show you more and more love notes from God? (Because it totally will!)

We know logically that God’s always there but we humans are feeling beings so it makes sense (in my head at least!) that God, knowing what he knows about us because he created us, should give us an inbuilt love note detector.

(And the thing we said about yesterday about the power of recording that stuff in some way totally holds true for love notes too.)

So your challenge for today, if you choose to accept it, is to keep your eyes and ears open for the love notes, record them in some way (and remember to share them using the hashtag #geekjoy so we can all share the smiles!)

Ready? Get to it! And I’ll be back tomorrow 🙂

Until then, keep smiling and have yourself a fabulous day,