Welcome to Day 8 of The Geek Joy Challenge! 😀

Hiya, how are you doing today? 🙂 And how are you getting on spotting your own personal brand of #geekjoy? Don’t worry if you find yourself running along playing catch up. We’re playing with this all summer long (and my personal hope is that you love it so much, it becomes a permanent part of your today!)

So have you ever stopped to consider why this geek joy thing is so important? Or, to put it another way, what does it matter if you have a happy, joyful, day to day life?

I mean sure, for your own personal sense of happiness it’s important and for the people who live with you it’s probably pretty important too (no one likes having to live with a sourpuss!) but what about the wider world? Isn’t it selfish for you to want to have a more lovely today?

No way!

There is nothing more lovely in this world, nothing guaranteed to have more of a positive impact, and nothing that this world needs more than you and me and all the other Jesus geeks out there, showing up today with a sense of wonder and delight!

Think I’m overstating it? Just imagine for a moment what this world would look like if every single person who loves Jesus stepped into every moment of their day full to the top with love, joy and delight? What kind of an impact might we have? How much of a real tangible difference could we make? See? It’s vital!

You’re not selfish for wanting more. There’s nothing wrong with you for not accepting the status quo and for daring to believe that the day could be more lovely. It’s exactly that kind of crazy thinking that might actually make a difference! 😉

“For the despondent, every day brings trouble; for the happy heart, life is a continual feast.” Proverbs 15:15

Although every moment of every day won’t be wonderful, I believe we are called to look for and see the wonderful moments in a day. Those moments are a gift from God. (We’ll be digging into more about that in just a few days time.)

Remember what I told you about the reticular activating system and how your brain filters in more and more of the stuff that it deems as important to you? That’s why, if you’re generally a happy and content person, day to day life tends to be happy and content. And that, my friend, is why this geek joy stuff is important. It’s our whole reason for playing with it.

Which leads me, of course, to your challenge to today, if you choose to accept it …

What little action (or actions) can you take today to spread the geek joy?

We might never know what kind of an impact we have on the people around us but that doesn’t mean that we don’t make a difference. A kind word. A smile from a stranger. Eye contact. Holding the door for someone. All these little things can make a massive difference.

Play with this for yourself and see what you come up with. (And yes, as ever, I’d love to hear about it! Tag me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook or use the hashtag #geekjoy.)

Until then, keep smiling and have yourself a fabulous day,