Are you a Jesus geek frustrated by what “Christian” has come to mean?
Is this really all there is?!?

Using brain science to support your faith & create a joy-full life, together we can reclaim what it means to be Christian in the 21st Century.

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I help fun-loving Jesus geeks use bible-friendly brain hacks to create a joy-filled life so you can easily be “salt & light” and reclaim what it means to be Christian in the 21st Century.

Making people smile is my favourite thing to do so it’s like a dream come true! 🙂

How am I going to do that? Fair question! 😉

This summer I’m running the free The Geek Joy Challenge, to help you bring more joy & delight to your day, and I’d love it if you played along.

  • Hack your brain to help you easily spot things that light you up. (Instead of telling you how to, The Geek Joy Challenge gets you actually playing with this for real for yourself.)
  • End every day with actual photographic evidence of the lovely things in your day. (And find out why that’s super fab for the days when life gets you down.)
  • Meet other Jesus geeks (because no-one wants to feel like it’s just them!)
  • 14 days long, you can start any day this summer (and it doesn’t even matter if you miss a day!) although the sooner you start, the quicker we’ll get you smiling!
  • Personal development meets the bible or what The Secret might have looked like if The Law of Attraction had been introduced to the world by a label-loathing Christian.

There are 14 days of content in all: videos, fun challenges, cute graphics, all of which come together to help you play with getting more of the stuff that makes you smile into your day to day life.

We’re going to be playing with some really nifty brain science, super practical and not just in alignment with your faith but actually improving it.

Sounds good? Excellent! So now it’s time to click the big orange button and let’s go! 😀

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