How will you live your dash?

It’s a holiday for my friends in the US. Happy Thanksgiving!

And as such, I must confess I really struggled with what to write today (partly knowing that most people will never read it because they’re otherwise entertained and partly because I didn’t want to just rehash the regular “take some time today to remember what you’re thankful for” advice we get on days like today.

And then I remembered a poem my dad read at my sister’s wedding. Don’t tell him I said so but, at the time, I thought it was a funny choice for a wedding, but all the same, it’s lovely.

And so I decided to share that with you today. Except there’s a catch. I’m not allowed to reproduce it. I can recite it anywhere and everywhere I like but I can’t write it down.

So, today’s Daily Dose is an audio only affair. Enjoy!

All that said, if you’d really prefer to read the poem, you can do that on the poet’s website. Ms Linda Ellis and The Dash live here –> The Dash Poem.

Whatever you’re doing today, here’s to living the dash (that will make sense when you’ve heard the poem!) and I look forward to catching up with properly tomorrow.

Until then, keep smiling,