What if you could pick anything for today?


Did I ever tell you how much I love putting these posts and the accompanying podcast together each day? Honestly, my dream gig would be writing this each day and having that be my thing.

But I digress. Yes, I know, that happens a lot.

Anyway, the fascinating thing (to me at least) about this stuff is that I never know from one morning to the next what I’m going to write about. It’s kinda fun and keeps things fresh but it has one drawback … if something happens, one of the kids gets poorly or I have to run some unplanned for errand, you know the thing, then this doesn’t go out on time.

I’m in the UK so for most people that means very little because it still lands in your inbox before you get going for the day but it occurred to me yesterday how delightful it would be if I could get a little ahead of myself. Even one day would make a massive difference.

And it’s then that this thought popped in my head …

It’s all about intentions.

Say what?!?

What if it were about deciding what would be ideal, and then allowing that to happen?

I’ve been writing and recording daily material off and on for several years now and this idea of getting ahead is one that pops up at least once a year and at least once a year I’ve been blown away by how, when I sent an intention, stuff happens.

And so today I find myself repeating a question I’ve asked before:

“What would your today look like if you stepped into it with a sense of expectation?”

And that’s your challenge for today, if you choose to accept it 😉 Take five minutes at the start of today to decide what it is you’re expecting and then check back in at the end and see what magic happens.

Are you game? Get to it!
Until tomorrow, keep smiling,