The most important tool you’ll ever need if you want to succeed in business

That’s quite some lofty claim eh? Most important. Not just ‘one of the most important’ but The Single Thing You Must Have.

Otherwise you’re going to fail. Every time.

The good news though is that I know you already have this tool at your disposal. And yes, it might need sharpening a little from time to time (or it might even have got totally rusty!) but clean it off, start flexing it and bam!

So what is this tool?

Ready for it?

(Cue drum roll please.)



OK, hear me out.

In this context, I’m not talking specifically about faith in terms of your spiritual beliefs (although yes, given that I host The Faith & Business Playground, you’d be forgiven for thinking that that’s what I meant eh.)

I’m talking about belief. An unwavering (or at least mostly unwavering – everyone has an off day from time to time) commitment to what you’re about.

A knowing, deep in your very core, that this business you’re about is vital and that, come what may, it will be ok.

Better than ok, know that it will change the world by making a difference to people.

I don’t care what your business is, without faith, knowing that you can do this and that you are the person to do it, you will never reach your fullest potential.

Sure, you might get by for a time and even have some measure of success, but without faith, there will always be something out of reach, something that you never seem to quite be able to grab a hold of. And it will bug you. Like an itch you can’t reach.

And just in case you were wondering, no, I’m not advocating blind faith in a half-baked business plan. Chocolate covered anchovies for penguin treats are never going to catch on, no matter how much you genuinely believe that they can!

But all things being equal, it doesn’t matter how tight your benefits are or how many copywriters you’ve hired to work your sales page, if you don’t have faith and the ability to trust, you’re always going to miss the mark.

But remember the good news … you have faith. Even if things are feeling a little wobbly and out of shape, you can totally do this.

It is possible to tighten that faith muscle.

And if you need some support while doing it, I’ve built a whole playground, especially for you.

And even better, if what you’d really love is to talk about it, just the two of us, there’s still time to grab yourself one of those coveted one on one sessions, as a bonus for joining us in the playground before our official kick off party. Clever you. 🙂

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