The one exercise that has the power to actually make a difference, even if you leave it in a drawer!

Did you ever take time to stop and think why you’re here, doing the thing that you’re doing?

And I don’t mean the ‘to earn money’ answer. Money is just currency, a way of keeping score and yes, we all need it, but it’s not really why you do the work you do. If it were just about the money, there are other things you could do.

So why do you do what you do?

A couple of years ago, a friend of mine suggested I watch a Frank Kern video. She told me it would be totally life changing.

The video was of a talk he gave at an Internet marketing conference and the climax of the video was an exercise he had the audience do about their perfect average day.

If you had to do the same day over and over again, what would that day look like?

At the time, I wrote something about how I’d love to start my day by chatting with people on Facebook. Not as some random method of procrastination, but because it was fun and it made people smile.

I made the mistake of telling my friend about this and she tore me a strip.

Lectured me on how I needed to be more focussed and not waste all my time messing about on social media, chatting with people. Let’s just say that she and I aren’t as friendly as we once were 😉

But you know what I find really funny?

Here I am, some two years later, about to open the doors to The Itchy Soul Faith & Business Playground and yes, we have weekly calls and audios and all that other stuff but do you know what else it includes? A secret Facebook group where, every day, I’m available for members of the playground.

Hanging out, answering questions, helping people smile.

I haven’t looked at that exercise in two years and yet the things I wrote down as being a part of my perfect average day are, one by one, becoming a reality.

Weird, eh?

Have you ever thought about what your own perfect average day looks like?

Where you’d wake up. Who’d you wake up with. What you’d do for work and where you’d do it? If not, I’d highly recommend giving it some time.

You could do what I did and hide it away in a drawer for two years or if you’re really feeling like making a bold statement, come on over to The Itchy Soul Party Place. There’s a link on their to join the Facebook group and you can also get yourself signed up for our live party call at the end of the month.

The goal? Getting you set up for a fabulous September!

And getting clear on what it is you actually want in life is a great place to start!

If you’d like to watch the full Frank Kern video that I watched, I’ve added that to the party page on The Itchy Soul too. You can also find out more about the party and how you can win a prize. Sweet!

Then when you’re ready, come and join us in the group on Facebook.

Until then, keep smiling,