The (super cheap!) low tech answer to that troublesome problem …

Have you ever done that thing where you open the notes on your smart phone and you see stuff that you have absolutely zero memory of writing?

Or how about when you see stuff you wrote months and months earlier that you sort of left drift, and you get this big ‘aha’ because you remember just how important it is to you?

OK, so that first one totally just happened to me. There’s a note on my phone that says:

“Emily love Jackson”

I know I did not write that!

Emily is my eldest daughter. She doesn’t know a Jackson but she does have a friend called Jakob who’s a bit sweet on her so I suspect my middle daughter wrote that in an attempt to wind her sister up.

But childish games aside, what are we going to do about the thing where we forget what’s important?

I moved my white board next to my desk this week so I’m going to play with sticky notes but do you know what God’s solution is?

Reminders. Daily.

“Write it big and proper so you can’t miss it”, he tells Habakkuk.

How about we both pledge, right now, to choose one thing, write it down and stick it somewhere obvious for the next 7 days?

You game?

Then next Friday in our ‘I did it!’ party on Facebook, we can compare notes and see what happened.

It doesn’t really matter what one thing you choose – and if you’re one of those people who struggles to choose, you’re going to love the feature I have coming up in The Itchy Soul

Just choose one thing, right now, and write it down.

Got it? Good. Now go stick it somewhere where you’ll see it every day, multiple times per day, for the next seven.

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