What about those days when all you want to do is sit around watching Doctor Who re-runs?

Does this ever happen to you? It’s Monday morning and you know, logically, academically, that you should be up and at ’em. Starting the week as you mean to go on and all that jazz.

But there’s something holding you back and all you really want to do is chill out? Relax a little?

That was totally me this morning. My three aren’t back in school for another 10 days so there’s definitely still a holiday vibe in the air.

But today it was more than that and I just couldn’t figure out what was going on.

By ten thirty, none of us were dressed. I’d watched two episodes of Doctor Who back to back (I decided to start with the very first Rose episode, in case you’re interested) and it was starting to feel like the whole day was lost.

And then I spoke to my husband in work and the penny dropped!

It’s a public holiday here today. Because he’d gone to work, I’d totally forgotten! Truth be told, I’m not overly keen on Bank Holiday Mondays. He’s a policeman and so invariably works. The lovely fun family day off together that most people get doesn’t happen around here very often, not on a Monday at least.

It seems my subconscious hadn’t forgotten it’s a holiday though, hence the Doctor.

And I got to thinking about why we do this thing where we put the breaks on.

Sometimes it’s because we need a rest. We’ve been going and going at 100 miles an hour and it’s like our brain just says, “Enough!”

Other times it’s because we’re scared of what moving forward might look like.

Or we don’t know all the answers so we stall.

Or maybe deep down we think that the thing we’re working on is going to be a flop and so we (unwittingly) sabotage ourselves, just to prove that we were right all along!

Silly eh?

Do you know what my antidote is to any and all of the above?


Having someone or someones who you can be honest with about where you’re at, get their input, have them ask the questions that need to be asked to get you out of the funk and moving again.

So sure, you could watch Doctor Who re-runs, or you could find someone to talk to (yes, you can compare notes about 12! 😉 ) and watch the magic unfold.