What about those times when you suddenly get stage fright?

Us humans are a funny lot aren’t we?

We spend ages and ages (sometimes months or even years!) working on something very special to us. We hone it, shape it, give it a little spit and polish.

And then one day we have to put our heart project out there, into the world, where other people can see it.

And comment on it. And love it, or reject it.

And it’s absolutely terrifying!

I sat pretending to write this post for most of the evening yesterday. It would usually have been finished hours before but something was messing with my head and it just didn’t click.

And then I finally opened Aweber (the email service provider I use to send the email version of this) and eeek! Some wonderful new people have joined us for the party. This blog post is going to people I’ve never met before.

This very next post that I’m sitting down to write is probably the very first thing they’ve ever read from me. What if I’m not up to the task? What if it turns out to be a load of rubbish and they decide they never want to hear from me again ever?

Talk about scary!

Do you think I’m being overdramatic and milking it for comic effect? Me? Surely not?

But in all seriousness, it did cross my mind that it needed to be decent, because what if you didn’t like it?

But then a second thought popped in my head. A more inspiring one.

Every single day I share the stuff that just pops into my brain, listen to the nudges and the whispers and trust God that the stuff that comes out the end of my fingers is right for you, in that moment that you need it.

And to be fair to him, he’s done a pretty decent job of it thus far.

So if in one breath I can talk about how I’m just following my instinct, that it’s not really all of my own creation, why am I stressing out over whether it’ll be good enough?

If God can be trusted to do his thing at just the right time, if we really mean that and believe it and want to live it, every day, what does that look like?

What would happen if we just went with it, really trusted God, went with the flow, and set about each day wide-eyed with wonder, like the little child who asks, “what are we going to do today mum?”

What would that look like?

I’d love for us to find out which is why next week’s theme in our month long party is delight.

We’ll talk more about that on Monday but if you haven’t yet joined us in the party group on Facebook, I’d love you to come and say hello. Signup for all the details here: http://theitchysoul.com/live-party

This is the last post of the week but the conversation will carry on all weekend over there so click here, join us, and don’t forget to say hello.

Until then, here’s to a wonderful weekend.
Keep smiling,