What does God think about this whole ‘perfect day’ thing?

So the theme for this week of the party is your perfect average day. What it looks like and what you would do. It’s a really powerful exercise but it leads to a very good question …

How does all this fit in with God and faith and all that kind of stuff?

I can’t really take credit for the question. All I can say is thank you to the lovely lady who emailed me about this because it got me thinking …

If we believe in the idea of God having a plan and a purpose for us, a person that he created us to be, what if the stuff we want doesn’t match up?

What if my perfect average day involves jetting off around the world giving talks to sell out crowds in 15 cites in 20 days but what God has in mind for me is staying at home playing mum?

The two don’t really marry up do they?!?

We could spend days getting ourselves tied up in knots with this one. The ‘what ifs’ and the ‘but maybes’. I mean, if God really does have a plan and a purpose, surely it’s far better to be living that plan rather than my own? But how will I know? And, and … ?!?!

Talk about exhausting!

What if God, in his infinite wisdom, knew what we’re like and decided to keep it nice and simple?

What if all those dreams and ambitions and the things that light you up are all part of the plan? His way of nudging you in his fab direction?

Do you really think this being who loves you infinitely more than I have words to express, would really give you a burning passion to speak on international platforms but then send you a memo saying, ‘sorry love, that’s not part of the plan!’

I don’t think so!

Yes, it’s important to keep your eyes and ears and heart open to whispers and hints but in the mean time, how about we follow those dreams and ambitions and see where they end up?

My mum calls it ‘pushing at doors’.

Try stuff, see what happens. If it’s really not meant to be, God’s big enough and loving enough to let you know.

But if we never give the door a shove, we might never know what’s possible.


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