What to do now that ‘primary’ has become the new ‘whitelist’ …

It always used to amuse me when companies would add a little note asking me to ‘whitelist’ their email address so that I could be certain to get their emails.

Whitelist? Honestly, I like to think I’m pretty tech savvy and, whilst I understand the premise, I’m yet to find a ‘whitelist’ button in my email programme.

But now Gmail has caused a right old stir and almost every marketer I know has sent me a (mass produced) email asking me to please drag their email to the ‘primary’ folder – and quick!

(And of course, if you don’t use Gmail, you’ll be forgiven for wondering what all the fuss is about!)

But do you know what? I kind of think it’s all a bit silly.

I mean sure, when there are emails that I love to read, I might move them but it’s not like we’re totally blind to everything except what’s in that infamous ‘primary’ folder is it? And besides, when I see a name from someone I’m interested in, I’m going to read their email, regardless of which bucket Gmail has decided to put them in!

(That said, please don’t let me stop you moving this email to somewhere you can see it better. Each to their own, and all that jazz.)

Humans are funny aren’t they?

I mean, we get ourselves into a tizz about the latest, newest thing. Chasing our tails in a bit of a panic because suddenly, everything’s changing. I sometimes imagine God sat there, watching it all, smiling.

Do you remember the Millennium Bug? And chocolate covered pretzels?

Fads and fretting. And still the world keeps on turning.

I wanted to encourage you today, if you’re feeling a bit worked up or antsy about stuff, stop, take a deep breath, and remember that this too shall pass.

And if today is fabulous, enjoy it … because this too shall pass 😉

Until tomorrow,


Love El x

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