What to do when life doesn’t give you a read through …

Do you ever do that thing where you have conversations in your head? Especially after the event, whether that be an argument or some other important conversation?

And you end up thinking, ‘Bother! I wish I’d thought of saying that.’ or ‘I really should not have said that!’

But of course, there’s no rewind button (how cool would it be to get a rewind button?) so you just have to move forward, let go of the stuff that, at the time, seemed so smart and clever to say but now you wish you’d kept your mouth shut, and just move on.

Yesterday I had my first ever rewind button moment with an email.

The email that goes out with this post in fact. Right at the very top there was a note about the podcast version of this little missive and I wrote ‘here’ instead of ‘hear’. Gutted!

And when a friend kindly told me about it, I wanted to momentarily bury my head in shame. I’m the kind of person who, when she reads something, the errors leap off the page.

How could I have let this happen!?!

And then I remembered.

I’d written that first sentence last. As an extra, after writing the email proper and recording the podcast.

Have you ever heard the advice to read your work out loud? Well thanks to the podcast, I do that literally every day with this email. And in case you were wondering, yes, the advice works great!

Except when you add extra bits before hitting send 😉

Emails and podcasts get a read through, a complete do over if needs be. Spelling mistakes underlined in red, telling you to think again.

But life? No such luck my friend.

Yes, we can think before we speak and consider our words carefully but there is no magic rewind button and you know what?

I think that’s great!

Seriously. (And no, I’m not mental!)

If there’s no rewind button, no read through or do over, we have no choice but to just be.

Laugh loudly.

Love deeply.

Throw yourself into every moment of every day.

Just be you.

Because you’re God’s work of art and he doesn’t need a do over!

Until Monday, keep smiling,


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