What would you think if I suggested you should be like a solid brick wall?!?

Yesterday afternoon I took the dog for a walk. It was lush. A real classic sunny Bank Holiday afternoon.

On the way home though, as I was walking down the street next to mine, I noticed something. I was in the shade but I could feel the heat from the sun, radiating from the wall.

I touched it. It was proper warm. Lovely.

And then I got to thinking …

What if we were like that wall?

Nope, I don’t mean solid and made of concrete!

I mean, what if, like how that wall took in the heat of the sunshine and then spread it back out, long after it was in the shade, we did the same.

Got ourselves so full up, warmed up, with God’s love, that even when other people feel like they’re in the shade, his love for them radiates onto them through us?

What would that look like? And what kind of impact could that have on the people in your day to day life? On you?

Just imagine … that could be magnificent, no?

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Until tomorrow,

Keep smiling,