Mar 21 • 3M

Do from a place of being

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El Edwards
A personal day by day journey with God - the nudges and the whispers - shared in their raw form with the prayer that they will inspire and empower you to do life with God today.
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Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

I want to overtake you with my goodness. Your life is a story and together we can make it a glorious one! This is not about “and they all lived happily ever after”, although that is coming. This is about the grit and the mess and the overcoming. That story is beautiful!

And as you live that story out loud, my goodness is surrounding you. It won’t always look how you expect it to, I’m much more creative than that, but be assured that you are surrounded by my goodness. When you don’t know what that looks like, ask me.

And let me check your heart. Where have I disappointed you? Are you clinging onto pictures of who I am to you that are based on false premises? Have you slipped back into hustle mode, thinking you can outwork your current situation?

What if this isn’t about working longer and smarter than the person next to you? I’m not advocating laziness but all these words need an overhaul. It’s not lazy to rest with me and hear my heart. It’s not lazy to walk outside and marvel at the beauty all around you. It’s not lazy to have a very short list!

Human being, not human doing, remember? I’m much more interested in who you are becoming than I am about all the things you’re doing. Yes, I rejoice over everything you do, every small step forwards and backwards and sideways is delightful to me. But I am even more interested in who you are becoming moment by moment, day by day.

Yes, I hear you. I know you feel a burning desire in your heart to do everything I have for you, to embrace every adventure, and that’s wonderful. But it starts with the being. Do from a place of being and you’ll thrive!

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