Apr 14 • 3M

Fully alive, fully human!

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El Edwards
A personal day by day journey with God - the nudges and the whispers - shared in their raw form with the prayer that they will inspire and empower you to do life with God today.
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Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

I understand that the idea of giving your all to me, unreservedly and without exception, brings up feelings that you don’t really know how to articulate. You know logically that there is nothing to fear. I am love, the One who loves you most in the whole universe, and yet there is still something there, below the surface, causing you to doubt.

Why do you doubt? What’s holding you back? Are you afraid of where I might take us? You’re concerned about what you might have to give up or the life you might step into? Anything I ask you to let go of is only ever for your best but why do you even assume that giving your all to me is going to result in lack or letting go of things?

I know you. I hand-crafted you. The things that light you up and make your heart sing are not an accident. Those things in your day that bring you deep joy are not by chance. What if giving your all to me is about doing more of the things that allow you to be who I created you to be? I wouldn’t have put those things in you if they weren’t important. I’m not wasteful!

And the deepest desires of your heart? Those things you’d most love to see and do and experience? Where do you think those desires come from? The invitation to give your all to me is about our desires coming into alignment. The difference you want to make in the world is the difference I desire. The impact you want to make is the impact I desire.

Not every desire of your heart is helpful, healthy or for your best and those are the pieces that fall away as you give me your all but you don’t need to be afraid of that process. Reject the lie that giving your all to me is scary and instead, embrace everything I’m inviting you into. This is about helping you become more of who I created you to be, fully alive, fully human!

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