Sep 15 • 3M

It's time for an upgrade

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El Edwards
A personal day by day journey with God - the nudges and the whispers - shared in their raw form with the prayer that they will inspire and empower you to do life with God today.
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There is nothing wrong with being excited about everything we’re doing together. I know life is hard for people and you don’t want to be insensitive to that but you do not help other people when you play down what I’m doing in your life!

Embrace everything I am doing and allow your joy in this moment to encourage the people around you. My joy is your greatest strength and I am inviting you to experience even more joy as we do life together.

Not every single moment of today will be joy-filled, some things you do today might even seem a bit boring, but what if I were with you in the boredom? (I am! Where would I go?) How might even the seemingly mundane things of life be transformed by my presence?

Again … I don’t go anywhere, I’m not hiding myself from you, but your awareness of my presence needs an upgrade and that’s the invitation today. It’s time for an upgrade of your senses, all of them, so you can experience me more in this moment.

“You have shown me the way of life, and you will fill me with the joy of your presence.” Acts 2:28 NLT

Journal prompt: What does it look like to live with all my senses open to you, God?