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Rest and revelation are fuel

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El Edwards
A personal day by day journey with God - the nudges and the whispers - shared in their raw form with the prayer that they will inspire and empower you to do life with God today.
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Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Revelation and rest are both so important in the year ahead. Keep following the nudges and intentionally sit with me, hear my heart. Both rest and revelation work together to bring restitution. Those promises you’ve heard from me that are done from my perspective? You will see these promises realised in rest and revelation. 

There are things for you to share, yes, and I know you feel a sense of urgency. I understand that. Keep pressing in. Our time together is so important, so precious. Don’t skip this time or try and rush through it. Allow us to have this because all my promises are yes and amen! 

Rest and revelation are the fuel and it’s impossible for you to hear revelation from me if you don’t engage with me. Reject the lie that time spent with me when you could be busy doing other things is a waste or lazy. Hear me again … our time is so precious and it fuels you.

There is much that will come out of your mouth this year that will seem like madness or foolishness to others. And not just outside the church but inside the church too. Not everyone will understand you and that’s why it is so important to seek your validation and your steps from me.

Keep pressing in. Hear me and share what you hear – but don’t pay attention to or believe your own press! You are here to simply be you. Don’t waste time or energy on justifying yourself. It will not be of value.

Instead, simply keep pressing forward with me. With me is the single, most important and powerful truth I can give you right now. If you simply keep doing this with me, following the nudges, the invitations, you will not and cannot go wrong!

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